Avansis Ventures is a Mid-Atlantic, early stage technology value fund that helps talented people build pioneering technology companies. As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the difficulties of raising venture capital and the challenges of starting a new company. We consider it a challenge and a privilege to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Avansis actively collaborates with entrepreneurs to accelerate their journey to success. We mentor early-stage technology companies through four core capabilities:
  1. Early Market Foresight - we understand early-market trends, and we help entrepreneurs navigate
    their dynamics;
  2. Early Engagement Strategy - prior to our investment, we help entrepreneurs crystallize their mission
    and articulate the most effective plan to success;
  3. Dynamic Support - we provide strategic and tactical advice in all discipline areas through hands-on, value-added assistance;
  4. Chart the Course - We help entrepreneurs see their opportunity timeline and make critical moves that create value.
Our partners and advisors have the expertise and commitment to optimize successful outcomes for every venture we support. Avansis focuses on new-market growth opportunities, particularly proprietary, scalable technologies that leverage the Internet and broadband communications, including enterprise software, new media, and wireless.


PRESS RELEASE – Sept 13, 2011
Korea Telecom, South Korea's largest telecommunications company, is launching an on-demand games service with Exent Technologies, the Israeli company behind the PC and mobile distribution network GameTanium. (more...)